Forecaster Ecosa was established in October 1994. We are an independent, unbiased and flexible company. Our monitoring service allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of South Africa.

Joint venture between Profile Group and Forecaster Ecosa

The Profile Group is proud to announce a JV with Forecaster Ecosa. The compilation of the Forecaster Ecosa economic products will remain their responsibility under the leadership of Helmo Preuss. Profile Data, the operating subsidiary of the Profile Group, will power the new digital economic reports and use its platforms to widen Forecaster Ecosa's distribution from December 2021.

Forecaster Ecosa will consistently produce well-researched, objective, quantitative reports that meet the demands of our clients. Our forecasts will aim to accurately predict the South African economic future. Our reports will be easily assimilated and be in a format that is user-friendly.

Benefits of Reports

  • Reviews, analysis, reports, presentations and bulletins are unbiased. Therefore the information our clients receive is not slanted in any way.
  • Ensures that the statistics reported on are accurate and we constantly liase with Statistics South Africa and the Reserve Bank to confirm data. Our clients benefit by receiving up-to-date, accurate information. Sometimes our clients receive this information before the revisions are made by the official sources.
  • Forecasts various important economic parameters such as interest rates, inflation rates, exchange rates and the gold price on a regular basis. These forecasts assist clients with their strategic planning and decisions regarding taking out forward exchange contracts.


Week Ahead

Lists economic data to be released in South Africa and globally during the forthcoming week and gives forecasts and consensus view.


Weekly Economic Briefing

A concise review of the previous week, covering South Africa, the rest of Africa and international economic news.


Monthly Report

Aimed at non-economists and discusses monthly releases issued around the second Friday of every month.


Quarterly Bulletin

An overview, in written form, of the previous quarter's main events with forecasts for the next six quarters. This presentation can be tailor made to address your company's specific needs or interests.


Data Analysis

Analysis of one or more macro-economic data, e.g. CPI, PPI, trade deficit or surplus etc.